Welcome to ElizabethandJames.com. This had been a website for and about our family for about a decade before a pair of celebrities hijacked our domain by creating a company with the same name 12 years ago.

The creation of the “Elizabeth and James” clothing company has meant that we cannot use our site as we had always intended without exposing ourselves, our family and our friends to a VERY large numbers of strangers viewing their pictures, their day to day life and endangering their safety. We realize putting photos up on the web or Facebook inherently puts them in the public eye, but there is a HUGE difference between a few random people stumbling upon our site and the tens of thousands who have since since we’ve had to post this notice.

We are simply a family in Wisconsin with young children trying to use the domain we initially purchased for our wedding and subsequently used to post pictures and videos of our lives and our children. This intrusion has prevented our reasonable, probable and legal use of our domain since the formation of the brand was announced - well before its actual launch.

We had hoped when the brand folded last fall we might get the use of the top level of our our domain back, but with the recent announcement of their deal with Kohl’s, it seems even more people will now visit our site as the brand shifts from exclusive to mass market.

I am sorry if you are here looking for information about the brand. Had we been treated with honesty and respect by this company at any time in the last 12 years we could have worked out a mutually beneficial compromise, but that has not happened.

If you are a friend or family member, please contact us for access to our personal content on our various sub domains.